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Opening / Weekly Theme

Recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Identify the month and day of the week. Investigate the weather. Introduce and explore the letter of the week. Introduce the weekly theme which will be taught in various creative ways.


Arts and Crafts

The children will be exposed to numerous art media and techniques. Arts and crafts activities will reinforce the weekly theme while allowing your child's creativity to grow.

Center Time

Centers include learning and practicing in handwriting and cutting skills. Participating in activities that develop fine motor skills using various manipulative exercises.



The children will discover a variety of music with simple and complex rhythms, melodies, and dynamics.


Snack Time

At Miss Marsha's we feel nutrition plays a huge roll in the physical development of a child. Children are provided with a snack each class time. Parents have the opportunity to provide a healthy snack for the entire class on their scheduled week. This gives the children an opportunity to experience eating in a social environment and model good manners. We as teachers and staff are especially cautious when serving foods which may cause allergic reactions to certain students. We read all labels and are very attentive to the allergies which are listed on each and every applicant's form.

Free Play

Free play is a favorite for most children. During free play each child is encouraged to explore and be creative, enjoying themselves in pretend play and letting their imagination grow and flourish. Free play also provides an opportunity for children to interact with one another in a social situation.

Cartoon Math.jpg


Children are given the opportunity to develop responsibility gathering their belongings and preparing for pick up.



The children will investigate early development math skills such as sorting, recognizing, building patterns, and identifying size and shape orientation. They will also be introduced to early problem solving skills as well as provided with an introduction of number sense.

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